Online Phonics Level 4Online Phonics Level 4

Level 4 – Letter Muddles


Early Fluent Readers
(Grade 3+/ESL learners)

– diphthongs (eg. oi, ow, ear)
– Silent letters (eg. kn, st, dge)
– Suffixes (words ending in –tion, –sion, –cian)
– Story comprehension

7-9 years old*

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Level 4 – Letter Muddles

Level 4 focuses on teaching the learners non-vowel diphthongs which are a sound formed by a mixture of letters.

Decoding letter sounds

Students are taught what sound a word starts with, saying the sound out loud and then recognizing how that sound is represented by a letter.

Phonics Letter Muddles


Level 4 includes longer vocabulary words so learners practice “chunking” words with syllables.


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