Level 3 – Long & Funny Sounds


Transitional Readers
(Grade 1-2/ESL learners)

– Split digraphs, words with the silent e (eg. game, bike, home)
– Vowel digraphs (eg. ai, oa, ew)
– Consonant digraphs(eg. sh, ch, th)
– Story comprehension
– Multisyllabic words

6-7 years old*

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Level 3 – Long & Funny Sounds

Level 3 introduces long vowels and digraphs. Long vowels are introduced with split digraphs with the silent e (or magic e) then onto digraphs (two vowels) such as: /ai/,/ea/,/ui/ and trigraphs (three vowels) such as /igh/. Level 3 also includes consonant digraphs (two consonants that make a different sound) such as: /sh/,/ch/,/th/.

Digital Download (Full-color PDFs) Student Book,  Workbook, Storybooks, Flashcards, Extra Resource Pages, Quizzes, Wall Friezes


Level 3 stories include basic comprehension to develop the learners understanding of what they are reading.


Vowel Teams

Vowel teams are when two or more vowels come together to make one sound. Enabling the learner to recognize patterns.


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