Level 1 – The Alphabet


Early Emergent Readers
(Pre-k/Kindergarten/early ESL learners)

-Identifying Letter names and sounds
-sound/symbol relationship
– Tracing and writing letter shapes
– Alphabet vocabulary

3-4 years old*

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Level 1 – The Alphabet

In level 1 the learners are taught the letter sounds and names of the alphabet. This involves them decoding what sound the words start with. teaches students to decode all the 26 letters and sounds of the alphabet.

Digital Download (Full-color PDFs) Student Book,  Workbook, Storybooks, Flashcards, Extra Resource Pages, Quizzes, Wall Friezes

Decoding Letter Sounds

Students are taught what sound a word starts with, saying the sound out loud and then recognizing how that sound is represented by a letter.

The Alphabet list with IPA symbols

Anchor Words

Each letter has an anchor word such as “ bbanana” these are used to help students remember the sounds.


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