has been carefully structured into four specific levels to assist the learner’s voyage into reading literacy. Each level is systematic in its approach to teaching your child about the different sounds in the English language. Students are introduced to each new sound with a short animation that engages their interest and instructs them about how to sound out the word and pronounce it correctly.

The lesson guides are aimed at providing both teachers and parents with the correct strategies and guidance to instruct the systemic phonics program in a classroom or a homeschooling environment. The scope of each level is to provide a balanced program incorporating modelledguided and independent learning throughout the level structure.

Each level is structured to:

⦿ Establish what is already known
⦿ Allow opportunities for students to demonstrate their ability
⦿ Offer differentiation in the instruction (Multi-sensory activities)
⦿ Make connections between what is already known
⦿ Provide an adequate challenge
⦿ Ensure students are engaged and motivated
⦿ Allow time for personal development

How long should a lesson be?

School lesson 30-60mins once or twice per week (lessons are broken up into different activities)*

Home school 10-30 mins daily or every other day*

*Dependent on student/s age, ability and motivation.

review phonics
5-10 Minutes

Review what has been previously taught. Use Audio, visual and kinesthetic material.

watch phonics
10-20 minutes

With guidance, the child learns the target phonics sounds and vocabulary.

practice phonics
10-20 minutes

Elicit the students to practice the target phonics verbally and visually.

reinforce phonics
5-10 minutes

Use the interactive site and printables for the student to go through the material.

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